My artwork is now on Redbubble

JayCally on Redbubble

I’ve been taking a lot of great photos and wanted a place where I could display them for potential buyers. I also have a bunch of great 2D and 3D art that I’d also like to share. So I’ve been searching for a place to sell my art online and found a place – Redbubble.

I’ve researched them quite a bit. You can get your art printed on t-shirts, phone and tablet cases, stickers, cards and a bunch of different types of prints. Of course they take a set fee for each product produced but you can set how much profit you make after that cost. A lot of artists have given me their “thumbs up” on Redbubble so I’m given them a try.

You can visit my shop here. I’ve uploaded a bunch of great photos that I have taken recently. They are mostly nature and animal photos including some snowy owl and harbor seal photos. I’ll be uploading my drawings, paintings and 3D art soon.

So, please visit my shop and let me know what you think. If something catches your eye, treat yourself to a print or iPhone case.


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